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 hard to read

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PostSubject: hard to read   Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:25 am

so theres this hb8 im into and to tell the truth she is really hard to read. everytime i start to give up on her i end up getting a huge ioi, when i think shes into me she shows disinterest. ive been texting her with some mixed results. basicaly i met her at a party and chilled with her the next day and had a bit of a neutral reaction. then i hung out with her and her friend and she greeted me with a hug and was excited. we talked and then she had to go back to her dorm to study for a huge exam. i tried to make my move quick and as we walked i put my arm around her and we kinda excluded her friend and then once we got there i wanted to k close but her friend was still there so i didnt want to make it awkward.

tomorrow im gunna ask her to come over to my place alone and hang out (hopefully k close finally) but im so confused over this one just from spending time with her i rly cant say either way shes like right down the middle.

any advice on my situation?, maybe a good line for getting her to come over other then "wanna come over blah blah". any way advice would be appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: hard to read   Mon Nov 24, 2008 3:05 am

Hmmm, she might already be LJBFing you, since you haven't kissed her yet. I would have done it, even with her friend there. Just kind of turned her head toward you and maybe used her head to block her friends view, something like that.

Do you have a really good, current movie to watch at your place? If so, tell her to come watch that with you. Or, if you know how to cook, tell her to come join you in cooking. Don't ask if she wants to come over, tell her to hang out with you in doing something at your place.

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hard to read
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