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 The Stop Being Single Challenge – Part Two

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The Stop Being Single Challenge – Part Two Empty
PostSubject: The Stop Being Single Challenge – Part Two   The Stop Being Single Challenge – Part Two I_icon_minitimeSun May 09, 2010 9:02 pm

In the last installment, we discussed the importance of an openness to change and new ideas in your dating life – change what you put in to change what you get out. We also listed eight non-physical qualities that we look for in women so we can sort through the hordes of hotties to find one worth spending time with.

This time we’ll discuss easy and effective ways to start a conversation with a woman in any situation. We’ll look at some great opening lines and reveal the oh-so-common mistakes that cause most men to send women running!

The act of starting a conversation with an attractive woman is enough to make a lot us nervous – so much so that the vast majority of guys will never work up the courage to make their move. If you can buck this trend, take one of these lines and actually use it you’ll already be way ahead of the dating curve.

My top tip for meeting more women is, therefore, to start talking to them! Take the risk – who dares wins.

All that said, here are a few of my personal favourites:

- ‘Hi, you’re absolutely gorgeous I had to meet you – I’m Steve (extend hand to shake).’

Women like a confident man who’s not afraid to take risks and go for what he wants. If you’ve got the cojones to deliver this line you’ll be communicating all of those things right up front. It doesn’t always hit, but when it does it’s like dynamite!

Alternatively, think like a seduction ninja and use the props at hand to inspire:

- She has a book: ‘Hey what are you reading?‘

- She’s using an mp3 player: ‘Hey what are you listening too?‘

You can find more opening lines at lovesystems.com.


Until our next blog article let’s set some homework. Remember, reading these ideas will help set your thinking straight, but actually implementing them is what will impact your results.

Choose a point in your schedule when start a conversation with one new woman every day. The trick is to find a time that works for your lifestyle and stick to it daily: perhaps in your lunch hour or on your commute to work. I used to commute in and out of London on a daily basis and I’d start a conversation with a woman on the way in and another on the way out. This alone bagged me numerous dates.

So, on a day between now and the next blog. It’s imperative that you make a firm commitment to yourself that you’re going to have these interactions and that you’ll start today. Being the man who doesn’t just sit around reading about dating but who takes real action will separate you from the pack and lead to the success you’re looking for.

If you’re nervous at first, don’t worry. Build up your courage by starting with a low risk line. If you’re quaking in your boots at the thought of saying ‘hi’, even asking ‘Hey, do you know where the nearest Starbucks is?’ will be a victory. You’re confidence will soon grow and you’ll be using the more direct lines in no time.

My last word on the matter, don’t let worries about ‘what to say next’ prevent you from starting. I’ll cover what comes next in a future blog but it’s important that you’re comfortable starting a conversation before we get to that material. It’s far easier to steer a moving car than a stationary one so get that social motor running!

See you next time!

Steve Jones
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The Stop Being Single Challenge – Part Two
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