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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Reframe   Sun Jan 24, 2010 5:54 am

That's something we all have to continually do, and something you should accept doing as a PUA. Most things we encounter can be reframed.

Reframing is simply looking at something at a different angle or viewpoint.

Reframing is something that as a PUA you will do more and MORE of as you grow.

For instance, instead of the girl telling you she's not going home with you the first night you meet her, you reframe the entire situation by taking the lead of the frame before she can. You tell her, before she tells you, that she's not going home with you that night. By doing this, you throw the girl off balance because most of them won't be expecting the guy to do this. Plus, it actually increases the likely hood that she will end up going home with you.

Another example is when a girl says she doesn't like you, but does so in any way other than straight up telling you to leave her alone, you reframe and assume that she does like you but is only testing you. You will then give her a response that takes on that mindset and forces her to either affirm that she really doesn't like you or she will see that her little test didn't affect you. When you do this, if she's testing you, it impresses her that you didn't just give up so easily. If she's serious, you'll find out soon enough.

Yet another example, and a more basic one, of reframing is this . . . most guys will start talking to a girl having thoughts in his mind that she is hot and automatically assumes she thinks he likes her because he's talking to her. That he wants in her pants because he's talking to her. Instead, the guy that has plenty of options starts talking to a girl with the mindset that she is attracted to him and he's finding out how cool she is, if she is cool enough to be a friend, or if there is any attraction there to go any further with it. Which, in reality, is what most girls think when the average guy starts talking to her. That's one reason girls are automatically more interested in a guy that's not like the rest. Your mindset comes across very clearly in your actions and words.

So, reframe your own mindset.

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