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 Honesty, Kindness, and fun. And a few concrete things [questions].

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PostSubject: Honesty, Kindness, and fun. And a few concrete things [questions].   Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:19 am

Those are the three things I live by. Those are the three things I do most now. I have to be that because it's what I want to be.

I'm not a supreme pick-up artists, but what I have noticed is that people who pick something they want to be and simply be that have more luck with women than people who don't. Seriously, be yourself. Know what you want and be that.

Then there's conflict.
As I'm at the local coffee shop with an underage drunk friend, me and the rest of my friends are trying to help her out. We want her to get home safe because we're worried about it. So we're actively seeking solutions.

Then there was Jean. Jean is insecure and wants people to think well of her without doing anything special for them to think well of her. So hears about the drunk chick and starts telling everyone. Then I get angry because it's not cool to spread out negative information about a person to strangers. So I tell Jean I need to talk to her.

I tell her to stop telling everyone. I hear a list of excuses. I cut her off and say I don't have time for excuses and tell her to stop being a bitch. She stops. But then tell's someone else that I'm an ass.

That someone else confronts me. I tell him that my problem was with me and Jean. His problem is also with Jean and not with me. Our problem shouldn't exist. He's mad at first, but reallizes what's going on and tell's Jean to stop coming to him with his problems.

A few girls see this and a few friends and they tell me they have more respect for me now.

When conflict comes your way, be fair, but firm.

A few fun question's I've asked. You really just have to wait for the moment to ask it. The timing is more important than the question itself.

"Think of the noise an F1 car makes as it drives by. *pause* How do you spell that?" They'll think about it, then say it, then spell it out. Then you tell them how you would spell it. It's guaranteed to be different than how they would, but amusing and fun for both people. It's best when you sound yours out with enthuthiasm and fun. If you're having fun, they're more likely to have fun as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Honesty, Kindness, and fun. And a few concrete things [questions].   Wed Oct 07, 2009 12:57 am

The way you handled that situation was good.

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Honesty, Kindness, and fun. And a few concrete things [questions].
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