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 FR stripper game latina in Miami

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PostSubject: FR stripper game latina in Miami   FR stripper game latina in Miami I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 04, 2011 8:39 am

FR latina non pro stripper:
I went tonight cause I had an arguement and wanted to watch the heat game,so I went cause I know a manager, he wasnt there and shift had just changed ,Its been awhile I havent set foot.
there was a cuban thicky really hot and I opened saying that she has sexy way to her body its too bad she isnt a blonde. her body is soo my type but the hair color is off (false disqualifier push -pull) she laughed and asked me where Im from ? I said you are surely a Miami girl right? yeah Im cuban. I said Im from NY.
I told her to go make money and come back.-credit Mystery

she then came back and sat next to me then I said cool you took me by surprise back so fast ? are the guys being cheap tonight?(me being an insider)she saw what I was drinking and she said OMG thats my favorite drink then she asked me in alow voice tone if I could invite her a drink (I saw this as too soon and a shit test for me to invest like every chump) I cut her off by saying "I see you have good taste , thats a good start"

she then strats pulling out her bills and start counting her one dollar bills next to me like the size of my fist. I then went pause and she was like (OK why isnt he talking?) so I started watching the game again, so then I reintiated conversation by random thing that wasnt going anywhere and she looked at me like WTF? then I transition with I mean you are kindah cute "I think you would do fine here and in vegas too" "you need to work on somethings here and there", abit insecure she said "oh why vegas,why not here?"
then she thought I was an asshole cause she didnt know vegas is capital of the world in strip clubs,it was obvious she was a non pro at that point. a normal chick that just got into this recently. I failed to try to explain it but it was too late,she got confused and she said "enjoy your night" she got up and waled to the table infornt of me. a group of older men.she them started to flirt with them and she got them to get her a drink.she was having conversation with one specific guy there and I acted like I didnt give a shit.

her bodylanguage was towards me and she kept looking at me to see of I noticed her or getting me to react jealous, but I strated flirting hardcore to other girls that would come, I started to BT spike girls and it seem to work to grab attention get them to kino me infront of her. She d look at me and she play with her hair IOIs and look away while talking with the older men group, she was definately a non pro.a pro doesnt sit with a guy for a long time she loses money.

the problem now was I kept getting interupted by girls wanting tips as I tried to watch bibby play his first heat game.

anyways the manager pulled her away and put her on the stage and when she came around my way she was plain rude and asked me "my tip please" with a disgusted face.
I didnt want to seem reactive or jealous and yet no be a passive bottom who tolerates bad behaviour so I told her "hey whatsup" to get her to stay to talk and she said "my tip for my dance"
I said "a dance now? Im getting warmed up now lets talk for a bit" she said "its only one dollar okay!" I said "yeah so it shouldnt be a big deal if you can come back later after you make some money of the other guys and then we can talk "

she walked away pissed and she sat infornt with the older guys again and she still look towards me and play with her hair.

weird shit , I blew the set and I tried gaming the other chicks there but they seem more pros than her. directly asking for the money and no talk.

anyways I walked out cause I kept getting half of my drink taken away as if I had finished and was kindah pissed off about that.I asked when my homie the manager of the shift came and they told me he had left.so I bailed out. but I was smelling like women or like If I had just fucked a chick. weird night messed up a bit but Im looking at some stuff I got to work on.

*If you want to take her home same night avoid weekend busy nights.

*Dont get drunk or drink more than one drink of alcohol.Cause your perceptions of diferentiating IOIs from Fake IOIs become more difficult.So you can easily fall for a trap.

*Dont over NEG.some girls are Pros and some are local 7s that are kindah new.the latter are too insecure so any NEG or mixed signal that she doesnt understand what you are talking about seems like you are a JERK.Best thing is to break her state right before asking you for a tip or a dance, beat her to it and lead the convo you do a takeaway of telling her to do her job and to comeback you want to tell her something.

*As you talk with her figure out get her to talk more than you, its hard at first but its good for practice and compliment her by you throwing in some releases or softners like

"you are just saying that to make me like you"
"stop being a copy cat,I cant talk to you anymore"
"I bet you are a really sweet outside of this world"
"are you being real with me here"

*Make her prove herself, example:ask about that tatoo she has and what does it mean, usually its her middle name and call her by that name her real name. (you start talking to the real person not stripper) act like you are with her yet its cool she is there to make money, send her off to chumps .(this is a compliance ladder like pimp game)

*Dont show that you are overwelmed by her beauty.Be chill and yet be proactive and get her to talk more about herself. then you tell her that you find her "personality is sexy but dont get any ideas Im still unsure about you if you are saying these things to make me like you are you being yourself?"

* be somewhat challenging to please not like the eager guys to give out money to any girl just because she asks him ,he isn't obligated to do so.
she will respect you inside but outside it will piss her off a bit yet be cooler than her and non reactive.Calibrate as if breaking rapport yet bring her back.

*You dont have to dhv that you dated a stripper before, it makes you seem like a loser or a try hard liar.Make her assume by your behaviour that you are preselected.It doesnt work telling her in the venue.

*As a requirement do some affirmations or breathing excersizes that you are most awesome guy,love yourself and reaffirm this by looking in the mirror. DO THIS Before you go to these places.Remember that strippers or dancers have massive frame control with her pussy power.
She acts out of social norms to make a living.Calibrate how you would treat any girl you just met,dont be eager to buy her dances or drinks to keep her attention cause she will intrepret you as any typical guy who goes there for fun and wont take you seriously to get you laid for free.

*Push yourself to experiment within your conversation with these women,even if you mess up you will have fun and learn something out of it.Conversation skills here are crucial any flinch while you have starting to build attraction to you ,the hesitation or self doubt will kill it within a quarter of a second and you are done gaming her.

*Reframe any behaviour as her being insecure and her being another pretty face.Remeber that they are master of social pressure mirror them and reframe any sort of shit test .

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FR stripper game latina in Miami
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