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 Valentine Day Flowers.

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Valentine Day Flowers. Empty
PostSubject: Valentine Day Flowers.   Valentine Day Flowers. I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 14, 2011 11:55 pm

This is the second time in about two weeks that a woman in work has received flowers. The last one went right off her boyfriend who kept paying for everything as soon as she received them, but she liked the flowers.

Today is Valentine day and another woman got this beautiful bunch of roses. It so happened that we were working together for about half an hour after this and she kept telling me how nice they look, but she looked somewhat distressed, confused. Kept comparing the man who sent them to her her ex-husband who dumped her and their children for someone else. Kept saying how good he was with the children and praising him, but at the same time she looked disconcerted when talking about him, even a bit nervous (unusual for her) and a little depressed. I have worked with this woman for about two years and know her well, she is a 10 and could pull just about anyone she wanted. I am not trying to game her because she is not my type, but I felt so sorry for her. I thought she was going to break into tears, she probably did when she got home.

I think perhaps she was distressed because the man is no longer what she thought he was, or perhaps she is afraid he will turn out to be just another ass-kisser who cannot stand up to her. I really don't know.

I explained to her that she is attracted to the type of man who will his own thing and not supplicate, the bad guy image, but she said she is no longer attracted to the bad guys, but said it in a very unconvincing way, and that she wanted a nice guy, and that her children come first in her life. It is almost as if she is trying to justify continuing with him.

In contrast, another woman she would be lucky to get a card from her husband because there is not a romantic bone in his body. They have been married for nineteen years.

I know this isn't really going to help anyone pick up chicks, but I hope it will make you guys think twice before buying flowers. Buy them for your mum on mother's day and leave it at that. Remember the only time a woman will buy you flowers, will never see them - they will be on top of your casket!
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Valentine Day Flowers.
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