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 The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter'

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PostSubject: The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter'   The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter' I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 6:44 am

Hi guys,

I often get asked a lot of questions, and a common one is this: do looks matter? People generally fall into two camps on this:

1) Looks are everything! Because I don't possess 'X' physical attribute, girls don't and won't find me attractive.

2) Looks don't matter at all! Because I possess 'X' routine stack I can make any girl attracted to me!

I'd suggest both view points are off-base.

Looks do matter, they're important. Here are some looks-based things that will give you a discernible advantage in almost every game situation:

- being good looking / distinctive
- being tall(er)
- being physically fit
- having great fashion

Here are a few things that will be a disadvantage most of the time:

- being ugly
- being short(er)
- being unfit or overweight
- bad fashion
- certain ethnicities (these are culturally dependent and also depend on the demographic of the girl you are picking up)

I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know. That said, I hope this hasn't made anyone cry. Still with me? Okay, let's press on...

Looks aren't everything, but they are important. This is just empirical fact. Anyone who tells you otherwise is, in my opinion, either deluded, inexperienced or trying to sell you something (that stinks).

You might compare it to boxing or any of the combat sports. Some athletes have incredible natural athleticism - they're really fast, or they're really strong, they have great stamina etc... They have many natural advantages and are almost physical freaks of nature. Guys like this sometimes rely heavily on their physical advantages and, even with a neglect of skill, they can rise fast. As they age, these advantages fade and they suffer an equally fast descent as their deficit in skill is no longer compensated for by the physical advantage.

Then there are other guys who don't have the same physical advantages but have a mastery of skill - they major on technique and strategy. These guys tend to have a more lasting careers and can out-skill a physically superior opponent. But they still work super hard in the gym to get their conditioning to as high a level as it can possibly be - they know that, even with all their skill, they every ounce of their physical potential to perform at the highest level.

The ideal situation is to be a naturally gifted, highly skilled athlete. The worst situation is to be physically disadvantaged and without skill.

Game is like this. All skill being equal, if you possess any or all of the 'advantages' I've listed, you will have an easier time of it. If you possess any or all of the 'disadvantages' I've listed, you will have a tougher time of it. Sets open easier for guys with natural advantages (good looking guys even get opened by girls), girls respond better, they become attracted easier (sometimes even before an approach) and so on.

You can be taught skill. You can be taught how to overcome your natural disadvantages and get results way out of 'your league'. But the more you work on your natural advantages, the higher your natural 'league' becomes, the more bang for your buck your current skill level will give you.

You can be taught the skill but the reality is that if you want to play at the highest level it's almost certainly going to involve a serious upgrade to your life in addition to the acquisition of improved skill. You'll need to get in shape and/or get rich and/or become famous and/or get a decent wardrobe and/or change your social life patterns and/or etc...Am I saying that you need to be a ripped, rich, celebrity with great fashion to get a girl? No! Just like most of us who compete in sports do so at the hobbyist's level, so most of us who play the game do not truly need to play at the highest level to get what we want (a gorgeous girlfriend, a same night lay with a busty blond etc...).

The bottom line is: WHO CARES?! You are what you are, you have what you have...who cares if it's easier or tougher for you than the next guy? You're learning this stuff for you. You'll be the one opening the sets, taking the numbers, pulling the hot girl with the body of a goddess, marrying the amazing woman of your dreams etc...etc...

All you should be concerned about is:

1) Maximising your skill.

2) Maximising your 'natural potential'.


1) Maximising your Skill

Learn game, get into field, open some sets, get experience, pay your dues, earn your stripes, pound the pavement(?) and keep doing it again and again. Go do it. Invest in good coaching to cut your learning curve, do what you need to do.

2) Maximise your 'natural potential'

Get your fashion together. Start an exercise programme or sport. Start eating properly. Find a path and purpose. Make a difference. Clean up your finances. Cultivate your personality and identity . Live an adventurous life. Try new things. Sell your TV and get a life that a woman will want to be a part of - be interesting.

Good luck!

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PostSubject: Re: The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter'   The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter' I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 12, 2011 9:38 am

A lot of guys that are self conscious of their looks usually end up holding a lot of tension in their face.(and throughout the rest of their body as well) there is a meditative definition for the word "presence" that I find is right on point with this subject. In my opinion presence is what makes a girl feel somethin so unique with a man that they seem one in a million.(talk about dhv).. Let's look at this from a womans point of view. They feel how we feel because they are mirrors to our emotions. That means that if you arnt ok with something about yourself and are trying to hide it, suppress the feeling or not a "yes" to it, then she will sniff it out and you loose. I'll say this one last tidbit. Let's compare it like this: I have seen the guys with the cute face and six pack abs and the guys that don't have that but are genuine from within by spreadin their strong presence. Both guys get laid all the time. The difference is that sometimes the model type man will be put to the test by a woman on something on the inside for connection and he can fail the test. The girl was attracted to his looks and lost attraction when she had no connection with him(but drunk girls might be real easy Pickens for them though) if a girl is attracted to the genuine guy with presence she is already past that part about looks because she is attracted to the connection and what's on the inside with him.And that is freakin strong attraction yo!

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The Truth About 'Looks Don't Matter'
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