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 Christmas Party

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PostSubject: Christmas Party   Christmas Party I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 3:23 pm

Had our annual work Chrismas Party last night, trying to recover this morning. As I rarely go out drinking or to this sort of thing, it was a good opportunity to practice some of the techniques I have read about. Although generally speaking I am more interested in daygame.

We had the event at a venue where there were lots of other organisations having their parties, they were mostly nurses from the local hospital. The place was full of them. Being married I cannot really do the full seduction, plus the object was to have some fun too and not to take it too seriously.

Throughout the evening I used the girls I work with for social proof, dancing with them, talking to them, putting my arm around them and generally mingling, while all these nurses, mostly alone could see me.

Go out for a smoke break, see two hotties, one super hot with the best pair of legs I have seen in a long time, a nice strong healthy looking girl. In days gone by I would have been too scared to approach. Got eye contact, then straight in with "where are you guys from then?" Got some convo in, but the friend keeps interfering and the HB takes a step back. "she is looking for a younger man." Not to appear needy I laugh and call over a younger friend and say " here a younger man." But the friend was too nervous or whatever and would not stay to talk to her. I disengaged. Later on I was outside on another smoke break and the HB was leaving. I just said "Bye", and got a nice big smile back.

Next one, again outside on a smoke break with an older workmate, he should be retired, but he just keeps working. Group of good looking chicks three yards away. "Where are you girls from?" They answer, I reply "Oh no, not.........." "Troublemakers" "And you are from......" "even worse" So I bust their balls on this and keep looking in another direction as if disinterested in the response.

My 65 year old work colleague says something to them, so I tell him in a way the girls can clearly hear to watch out for them, they will seduce you, have wild passionate sex with you and then throw you away like a piece of rubbish. At this point the chicks are going all funny, they start moving a lot, getting fidgety and smiling. Then one of them, the one who came from the town I said was the worst, just burst out into a giggling fit. So I said "look, she can't stop laughing, you see that proves it. Look at the way she is smiling at you, she is trying to seduce you, see that smile and the way she looked at you, look there, she did it again" Well, she is now having some kind of hysterical laughing fit, I am surprised she didn't wet herself.

My 65 year old work colleague now decides it is time for a kiss, so he asks each for a kiss, except the hysterical one because there would be no point. He gets his quick kiss with every one, but I thought it might be a bit submissive, so I do not follow suit.

I disengage and re-engage five minutes later with the hysterical one, now calmed down. She says something, I reply that I can tell anything about a woman just by reading her palms. She has her hands out in front of me in no time and is walking towards me asking me to "tell her fortune" (though that was not what I said). Her friends all disengage and walk back into the bar, they call her and she follows suit.

Later on we move to another venue, and surely enough she is there. I introduce her to one of my work colleagues who happens to be from the same town, but they do not hit it off. I left them alone together to show disinterest. It was more a bit of fun than a calculated tactic.

Later on she was talking to her friends in a group, turned her head away from them, looked directly at me and smiled, showing me her lovely white teeth while turning her head gradually back towards her friends. But I am married, and it is time for me to go home.

I do not know how many chicks I briefly gamed last night. I was on my way out of the first venue and saw this good looker on the way out, dancing alone and facing me, gain direct eye contact, walk over with confidence and put my left arm around her right side (cannot remember if under or over her arm) and whispered in her ear "what about my kiss?" Then point to my cheek. She didn't kiss me, or at least hesitated, I do not know, I walked away not to appear needy. My work colleagues (male and female) gasped in disbelief and one of my female work colleagues chased after me ( I was in front of the group), wanting to know who my "friend" was. I heard one of my male colleagues say "he seems desperate" I don't know if that is the case.

It appears to me that it is easy to approach in these venues, but the target's friend or friends is a major obstacle. I know you should always approach first the target's friend, then move to the target. Unfortunately I forgot about this last night.

I went home early because I have things to do today. I am looking forward to seeing what affect if any, seeing me behaving in this way, will have on the girls I work with. Perhaps it won't have any at all. It will be interesting.

Anyway, I had a really good time, roll on next year!

Any comments appreciated.

PS. Approached two chicks during daytime last week, more of a direct than indirect approach, the elder liked her upper lip almost immediately, then turned away. The other started laughing like the one above. What is is about these giggling fits, I have induced them a few times now unintentionally, are they sexual responses or is it nervousness, does anyone know? Perhaps I should ask this in the powder room. santa

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PostSubject: Re: Christmas Party   Christmas Party I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 11, 2010 11:35 pm

The giggling is definitely nervousness, but it's usually a positive nervousness.

You did VERY well with the group of girls and your colleague. Overall, I wouldn't have changed a thing, really, over your whole report.

Yes, the shields and cock blocks are there big time with night game. Yes, the girl friends are notorious for taking a girl away from a guy, even if she likes him, during night game. They say they are "protecting". I chalk it up to bitchiness and jealousy.

Your friend that said you seem desperate was likely jealous as well. From what you wrote, it doesn't sound like you came across that way at all. A lot of what you did, I would've also done, such as how you handled the group with your colleague.

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Christmas Party
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