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 WolfyStyles- Congruence

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PostSubject: WolfyStyles- Congruence    WolfyStyles- Congruence  I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 29, 2010 4:16 am

Who are you really? Not what you think you are, not what other people think you are, not what you want to be, but at this moment what are you. Again not your defining qualities but you.

Now write all this down and examine it. Now go out into the field and see how your performing. Unless you are the total non-confident guy who is afraid of the world which we will address later that is who you should try to maintain your identity in the field. If your a good nice guy play that in the field if you an ass be an ass. OMGWTFBBQ that goes against everything all these teachers say. Well yes all but a few. YOU GUYS GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD YOU girls-clubbing_FullNEED TO BE YOURSELF.

But no other people say be this and that and the monkey king. Well guys, women see right through that. They know your bsing. But oh I forget you guys beat psychology and all the theories that have been done. Woman have amazing perceptions better than any male. They can read you before you step up to the up at least 90% of them can.

Ever had someone approach you and you exactly for what before they did. Woman have the ability a thousand times better. If they sense you not being congruent with yourself you have a better chance of blowing out. Yes you still may succeed, but you may only get that fools mate one nighter. If your going for a multi night stand or a relationship your out of luck. Also are you really improving yourself pickup is about as much improving yourself as it is improving your game. Being true to yourself is about being in the real world. Not a sense of non being. (a little philosophy for you)

How about an experiment. Run your game as the true you for 3-4 months then go back to what ever persona you want to put on and see what happens. It may be rough your first month being yourself but your results will rise. Now you can be funny and be a nice guy. You can be friendly and be an ass. Guys I acted like a nice guy for years because I thought it was right. Deep down Iím an ass, but I have a heart. I play with this and better success being a total ass who i was not and a nice guy which i was not. Be congruent. Thatís all Iím saying. Even with peacocking if you go out in a suit and tie and your a punk rocker at heart theyíll sense its off. If your a classy guy and you go out in a suit and fits more. Iíll break it down even a little simpler. Remember the sesame street song for our American fellows one of these things just doesnít belong. you donít want that. This may come off odd so ask questions Iíll explain.
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WolfyStyles- Congruence
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