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 Being a Manly Man

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PostSubject: Being a Manly Man   Being a Manly Man I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 3:16 am

Being good at pickup also means having a together life, chances are if you don't have everything else in life handled then the women in your life will see that and soon probably leave you.

I found a blog where the author tries to shed light on what being a man is about, he has articles on everything from philosophy of being manly to tying a knot (a manly knot), the author also has a sense of humor, he writes about stuff like "how to jump out of a speeding car".

I heard gurus in the community mention that some guys tend to grow up without a strong father figure in their lives, this blog might actually be of some help with that.


There is an article called stop living for the approval of women that I find interesting, I have not read yet it but since it isnt from a pua perspective I want to know the author's opinions.
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Being a Manly Man
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