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 A Social Experiment

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L.A. Tripp
L.A. Tripp

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A Social Experiment Empty
PostSubject: A Social Experiment   A Social Experiment I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 4:56 am

Social Circle Experiment for those that dare to pick up the "hot bitch" of the club.

Walk into the venue either alone or with friends (gender does not matter at this point). Start right away (yes, immediately) being the social butterfly. Make friends with everyone, including patrons AND staff. Have them laughing with you, enjoying your company, enjoying your vibe. Work on MERGING the sets together. You don't want to be bouncing around the venue from one set to another. For this, you want to be in control most of the time, so have the sets merged together, with you as center of attention . . . for the most part anyway.

Note: You are being social with everyone EXCEPT the "hot bitch" and her friends. Yes, this is classic MM at this point, but use it, trust me.

Yes, this will take a while to put together. It won't happen in five minutes.

Now, after a bit of this, once you have the above accomplished and are holding court for 15-30 minutes, take a "break" from the group. You've been also using what's called flash game unwittingly. This is ok.

Now, walk over to the "hot bitch" (who HAS noticed, trust me) and you should have a $5 bill in your hand. Stick this into her hand and say "Give me a Sex on the Beach", loud enough for her friends to hear as well, and walk away immediately. You're acting as if she's a waitress, though you know she's not. Yes, you've seen this in a movie, but never in this way before.

Now, she will either keep the money, or . . . she will catch you and make SURE you know that she is NOT a waitress. To which you apologize, then hold onto her hand and look her straight in the eyes and tell her "I know you're not a waitress, but I got you away from your group, which was my goal." Smile. "Now, you should come join my group, where the action is." Wink.

Let her go and see if she complies. If she does, give her some attention . . . you are already close to closing the deal. In fact, if there's a dance floor, take her to it and escalate the kino.

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You have one shot, and it's in the first 3 seconds.
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A Social Experiment
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