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 Calibration, the bigger picture.

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L.A. Tripp
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Calibration, the bigger picture. Empty
PostSubject: Calibration, the bigger picture.   Calibration, the bigger picture. I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 03, 2010 10:55 pm

Calibration, the bigger picture.

Here's something that has a big scope, even in a specific tiny situation.

For instance, when you're dealing with one girl and are picking her up, you think it's a small scale. It sort of is, but change your perspective.

We have to calibrate for each and every person we interact with, because people are all different.

For each girl, you have to put yourself in her shoes. What would SHE like? What would tease HER? What would make HER feel more comfortable with you? What would turn HER on more? What would seduce HER? See, that's calibration. One girl can be turned on from having her hair pulled. Another girl will be turned on more by having her cheek stroked.

This also applies to life, and to business.

Sam Walton, if he were alive today, would run Wal-Mart far different than his kids are running it. I'm convinced of that. When he was alive, people were happier with the store. The policies he implemented were different. He thought about the CUSTOMER. His kids, they didn't fight to earn the company or the wealth, so they don't know how to handle it. So they institute policies that are, at times, stupid. Sam had a good business mind and thought about the customers and put himself into the customers shoes, and his company grew. Today, Wal-Mart has battled struggling sales, bad word of mouth, etc., and the kids are running it.

A similar thing happens with many other big name companies and many small local companies as well. A club that I used to frequent changed their General Manager. As a result, staff has had a HUGE turnover, bands that draw in larger crowds no longer play there (because those particular bands are more expensive), and they've changed their dress code. As a result, they've lost a tremendous amount of business. I no longer patronize the place and several other key people that are in my social circle will no longer patronize the place. We are people that helped to draw in the crowd. We'd tell people that's where the party is, they would show up.

The owners love this General Manager. They don't have their business minds in place. I talked to the DJ of the place. He says belts are being tightened. Yeah, I can see that, because they are bringing in less known and less popular bands, for one thing. He says money is being made. Sure, some money. What about the boost of income that a well known and liked band would bring in? Sure, the band would cost more, but the revenue would go up as well. As I told him, profits aren't always about just tightening belts. See, you have to give the people what they want, otherwise the people will patronize a different business.

Same with the women you interact with. Each girl wants something different. What does SHE want? It's not all about what YOU want. If you want to get what you want, you have to figure out what SHE wants. Only then will you be successful.

I've picked up a wide variety of types of women. The only way that was possible was calibration with each different one.

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Calibration, the bigger picture.
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