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 Ten Tips that are helpful by Michael Jura. Copy and pasted for the benefit of others

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PostSubject: Ten Tips that are helpful by Michael Jura. Copy and pasted for the benefit of others   Sun Jun 13, 2010 8:12 am

Michael JuraAdd Comment

I'm sure by now you've heard of the Secret and seen all the Law of Attraction books lining the shelves of book stores by now. But if you wanna really take your manifesting practice and transform it into something tangible and real, here are 10 steps you must follow.
You can apply these whether you're trying to change your health, your money situation, your relationships, or anything else.
1. FOCUS On What You Want

I want you to get crystal clear on what you want. Picture the end result in as much detail as possible. Write about it, fantasize about it, talk about it, dream about it. Imagine what you'll see, smell, and hear when it happens. Imagine what emotions will run through your body.
2. Increase Believability

It's not enough to just want. You have to believe that you'll get it as well. Review all the reasons why you believe you'll get what you want. Believe and know that your mind is powerful, that you are capable, and that you deserve what you want.
3. Introduce The Outcome Of Your Desire Into Your Life Now

Find ways to introduce your desire into your real life now. If you're dreaming of a certain job, start dressing for it now. If you desire a new partner, get a new pillow for your future partner today. Act as if you're desire will become reality today.
4. Find And Break Your Limiting Beliefs

This takes some soul searching and a lot of up front honesty. You must dig deep and try to see if you have any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from manifesting your desire. This is where meditation, reflection, and self awareness come into play. You may not know it but there may be a belief in your subconscious saying, "You don't deserve X or Y" or any other type of belief. Find this negative belief and break it.
5. Know That You Are A Master Creator

Don't ever forget that what you want is yours simply because you want it. You are the creator of your reality.
6. Pay Attention To Your Intuition

Listen to what your inner compass tells you. Listen to your hunches, gut feelings, and that little voice in your head. Your intuition is what will guide you towards your dreams
7. Take Action

Follow up on your intuition and take action. But don't do something if it doesn't feel right. Trust yourself completely and you will be directed on the right path. Just make sure you take action when you feel inspired to do so.
8. Maintain A High Vibration & Feel Good

Do things to make you happy, feel good, and grateful. By doing this you'll remain at a high vibrational frequency so that you are aligned to your desires. If you're unhappy and negative, you won't be able to manifest what you desire.
9. Be Persistent!

Don't ever give up! Sometimes you may go through ups and downs but know that at the end everything will work out in your favor.
10. Release Your Attachment

Here's one that always gets people. It may seem a little counter intuitive but if you follow this last rule, then you're golden. In order to manifest, you need to reduce resistance and get into that state of allowing by releasing your attachment to the outcome. Don't stress, don't get anxious, don't overly obsess. Just go with the flow, knowing that everything that will turn out perfectly.
So smile and relax
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Ten Tips that are helpful by Michael Jura. Copy and pasted for the benefit of others
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