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 Spectrum of Energy

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PostSubject: Spectrum of Energy   Spectrum of Energy I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 06, 2010 12:04 am

I have some questions about the ghost and the flame, as taught by The Venusian Arts. So when you are feeling flame energy, you almost seem unstoppable. You just blast through obstacles because of your energy. When you are feeling ghost energy, I imagine if one were to watch an interaction of someone performing this energy in a live setting, they would see sort of a James Bond character with slight ADD. Lol. But seriously though, you get my point through this exaggeration. It's my question about the ghost energy.

Sometimes your energy is lower than you'd like it to be, and the energy from the setting and the people respond accordingly. I've noticed that I really hold back on reaching out and holding a girl by the waist while dancing. I've had the friends of the girl I'm next to, or dancing next to, grab my hands and put them on the girl I'm dancing with. Of course, this makes it easier. I'd like to start taking more of the lead and command of what I want though. The fear is just that she'll be horrified that I'm some lech she doesn't know, who is trying to grab her.

Again, I find that it boils down to energy. My energy level tonight was low. I did still, however, set a goal that I'd get one good dirty dance in, and I accomplished that. God, I love grinding on a sexy lady's butt! Lol. Nevertheless, I find that your general energy level is going to entertain certain thoughts that go along with it. Feel better, and you'll naturally think better, stronger, more joyful, playful, sexy thoughts. Of course, in the beginning you have to keep the energy to just the level of talking, smiling and having a good time before you get to sexiness.

What do some of you do to break out of your habit of holding back on touching women when on the dance-floor? Accidental brushes? Brushing a hand on a hand? Have your back to her and bump her butt?

Even though this is Tripp's PUA Forum, and it's probably not encouraged to promote other groups, does anyone know of any other seduction forums? Like isn't there a Yahoo seduction forum or something?



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Spectrum of Energy
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