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 Holding Things

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PostSubject: Holding Things   Holding Things I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 3:17 am

I know that usually in a club/bar situation, if a guy tries to get you to hold his drink than that is considered an AMOG move and he's trying to make you look like a tool. Same with women. However, what if its a different situation such as during day or something.

For example, there was this girl who I go to school with. She usually the one who would initiate conversation with me so I'm thinking in the back of my head she likes me. We were waiting for the bus one day. It was me, her, and another mutual female friend. She asked me to hold her can drink. I did it only because I thought she was going to dig through her purse for something. She mentioned she would do it herself but she didn't want to break any of her nails.

After a couple of minutes, I asked is she going look through her purse yet. She looked at me confused and then the female friend asked, "Aren't you going open the can up?" Apparently, she wanted me to open the can up for her, she apologized for not being clear about that. I did it and joked about I'm not someone who just hold things or anything. I can't help but I feel if it was just an honest mistake or she shit tested me or both.

What I basically want to know is, is it EVER ok to hold things for women in any situation, and if it is, when is it ok?
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PostSubject: Re: Holding Things   Holding Things I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 08, 2010 10:06 am

It sounds to me like you just misunderstood what was going on. She was either not explaining that she was giving you a drink or it went over your head.

Typically when someone asks me to hold something like a drink, keys, other smaller items i will make a judgment call. I simply ask myself, "why are they asking me to hold this?" and "how long will i have to hold it". If i think they can do whatever it is without me holding something, i push to not hold it (especially if i may be stuck with it for a long time).

As an example, lets say we are at a bar and a girl asks me to hold a drink so she can tie her shoe while we are near a counter or at a table, ill simply ask them why they dont just set it down, and ill joke around like, "dont worry ill look after it for you."

If i were in your situation, but it was clear she just wanted me to hold it and theres someone else, id probably have said sure, taken the can, handed to the other friend, and kept on doing whatever it was i was doing. If im asked why i passed it off, with a big grin "thought we were playing hot potato".

I like doing this myself, especially to girls. Ill take my cell phone, sun glass's, wallet (if i trust them), etc and just stick it in their pocket or in their purse. If they say anything id just be like "well your carrying that thing anyway, no sense in both of us carrying something.". Ill even go as far as saying, "Your a girl, its why i keep you around." If they dont get it you follow with, "...to carry my stuff." Of course all in good humor.

Sometimes if i really think they are just testing me, ill just look at them and make a face like, "Really?" without saying anything until they ask someone else or forget about it. Sometimes adding a laff to it is a good touch.

All in all it depends on the situation, and sometimes you simply hold it for them so they can tie a shoe or go potty or whatever it is because its ok to be nice sometimes.

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Holding Things
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