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 Through The Looking Glass

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PostSubject: Through The Looking Glass   Tue Feb 23, 2010 4:47 am

I have put an immense and considerable amount of time developing my latest thoughts into a comprehensive messege. These new ideals, new philosophies.. all have redirected my thoughts and allow me to understand a little more of how things are going to be!

In the mind lies the mind itself... in itself it is a tool, but it also has a very bad ability to accept and compute change. But without change I do not feel that I can reach where I have set my mind to be.. and it took.. a random statement to a friend of mine for me to finally find a peice of the puzzle that was missing from my change I so wish to make. Completely crushing the beliefs of waste are my present goal and I doubt I will fail at this task.. and I am sharing this to the world to receive the worlds imput and shape a progressive and positive stigma of gain.

"I can't"

This is something we have faced... and at the present thought of this simple little source I believe to be a true root of regression. The mind is a powerful and old foe.. and it easily tears down thoughts like "I can't" with rapid and intrusive ability!

Spewing thousands of reasons not to do something we truly really want to do is complete madness!!

MY philosophy, although experimental.. and vastly unknown.. has opened my eyes to a possibility that I have found a simple replacement for the positive.

"Why Not"

"Why Not? Why the hell not??
Even at the best logic of my mind... I still find it difficult to tear and crack a "Why Not" if I have the mentality of "Why Not" then I am solely fixing all the things I need to fix.. for with this simple thought... and implementation of this thought.. I will act congruently, and without a shred of doubt can truly do EXACTLY what I wish to do with relitive interferance from myself!

While forming my philosophy, I also have lost my AFC deameanor towards other males. I fully understand that they do not wake up to be my enemies in the field... that by nature they are competing with me.. and that this sets me at a advantage now.. for if I compete with full acceptance I shall gain unrendering respect by men for not backing down but much rather steeping up to the plate I should have been at for years!!

With this simple changes... everything falls into place.

To be Continued:
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Through The Looking Glass
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