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 When to cut 'em loose

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PostSubject: When to cut 'em loose   Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:24 am

Hey guys,  wanted to share this as i think its important, not only in the "here and now", but for your futures.

We have to know when to "cut 'em loose" and when to stick things out. What i mean is sometimes we need to know when to fold and when to keep playing.

Many years ago i had an amazing chemistry with a girl, after a week or 2 of intense intimacy and emotional connection, she told me 1 day shed call and i didnt hear from her first for a day, then a week, then more...

I got so mad, because i thought she was playing games with me, that i decided to just forget her and move on...and then after 3 weeks she finally called. I was so mad and stuck on my decision that i wouldnt answer or return her calls. I dont even remember what her excuse was now, just that i was blinded by anger.

I find myself years later wondering "what if"...as i hadnt before or since felt that kind of chemistry. That kind of regret is something that never goes away, it actually grows and gets worse.

Im lucky in a fashion though, as after about 5-6 years furtune has found it so that she would find me on facebook and ask me for a friends invite. Ive just started talking to her, and if it turns out shes not in a relationship this may be a great second chance for me...but id imagine the likelihood of that is slim.

So guys, dont be too hasty to try and protect yourself or your ego...women are people too (yea who knew?!?!) and they make mistakes, sometimes honest ones. Give them a chance while being firm and conveying what is acceptable interaction with you...after which drop em if they are still playing games.

Looking back i should have told her why i was mad, explained to her that i dont expect a call everyday, but when someone says they are gonna do something i expect them to do it...and that id like to trust her but disappearing for 3 weeks makes that hard. Had i done that i may have found out later she was playing games and i could have cut things off then...but for now i have to wonder if maybe i was too hasty and there could have been something special there. Dont make the same mistake.

"Be the same, only better."
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PostSubject: Re: When to cut 'em loose   Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:09 am

Ka, as usual im in total agreement here. It very important to find the gray area that allows for girls' to remain as a potential future with you. As guys we must realize that life does travel along even when we think it only circles around us.

Dont become to hasten to cut someone off just because of timing. If the connection has been made, then it is quite possible that the gal will open herself up. Think of how we are taught to remain a challenge, memo guys, girls have been practicing this since King Philip of Macedon ruled the land.

In every situation, always stay on the bright side. This helps you not develop a mean spirited attitude towards the next gal that dances in your pathway. Numbers game, learn it, love it, live it.

peace,lveo and succe SS
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When to cut 'em loose
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