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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Value   Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:26 am

All girls look for value. But, what one girl of one race or ethnicity
sees as value is different from what a girl from another race or
ethnicity sees as value. For that matter, how each girl is raised
changes what she determines as value in a guy.

One guy will not
appeal to every girl just as one girl does not appeal to every guy. The
differences in value go a long way toward these distinctions.

give you examples I will use a broad brush to paint the pictures. There
will be individual girls in each of the social groups or classes that
will be exceptions.

The hip-hop girl will usually look at flash
or bling to partially determine value. This will show up as real or
fake jewelry, throwing cash into the air, gold plated teeth, etc. They
place a high priority on fashion. But their niche fashion. For example,
Ed Hardy clothes and jeans. One outfit being $200-$300.

upper class or snooty girl will look at the previous things as trashy.
With the exception of . . . "quality" jewelry. In other words, thousand
or million dollar gems. They also place a high priority on fashion.
Also, their on niche fashion. Such as Armani, Gucci, etc.

down to earth girl will look at ALL of the previous examples as
material, or fake, or . . . try hard. She wants simple. Plain. A little
muscle is good. A decent amount of income is nice. But personal,
intimate love and caring will over ride. The girl next door type.

each one of these girls will tell you the same things. They want
quality, they want a guy that's real. They want to be loved, cared for,
etc. All the same desires. But how they SEE these qualities on the
surface is very different.

This is what you have to recognize.
How these girls SEE value on the SURFACE is very different from how
other girls see value on the surface. This is the key for two things.
Calibration and microcalibration, and why I say that I can take any guy
and make him appealing to girls, at least for the first impression. A
guy can "show" whatever value he wants to at first. What value you have
internally, who you actually are, may be different, and if it's not
congruent, that's where things fall apart.

Realize though, these
girls are looking at the SURFACE first, for your value. What will you
display as your value on the surface? This is, of course, called Outer
Game and is an important area to look at.

Which type of girl do
YOU want to attract? What does SHE see as value? Look at it from her
perspective. It may be eye opening for you.

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