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 Ways to DHV yourself

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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Ways to DHV yourself   Thu Nov 05, 2009 1:20 pm

Girls will pick up on a guy's value fast, even if she doesn't realize it. Actually, the truth there is . . . she will pick up on his PERCEPTION of his value.

What's the difference? Well, you can take a guy that digs dirt all day, works in maintenance, walks through the sewers, or any of what society would consider "low" value jobs, and that guy can pick up girls right and left . . . if he sees HIMSELF as high value.

On the other hand, you can take a top salesman, an executive, a company owner, or other things that society considers "high" value jobs, and that guy may not BE ABLE to pick up any girls. And that's because he sees HIMSELF as low value, regardless of his accomplishments. Some guys only see the external about themselves and never the internal, where the REAL value is.

When a guy is high value, in his perception of himself, he displays confidence. This confidence shows in a combination of ways.

1. Good body language
2. Smiling
3. Good eye contact
4. Not shaking (barring medical conditions)
5. Being comfortable being in someone's personal space or them being in his personal space.
6. Being comfortable with personal touch, i.e. kino.

Digging in a bit deeper . . .
1. Includes leaning back against a counter, bar, something of that type. This is not as in "holding up the wall" type of behavior. This is, when conversing with/holding court with a group of friends, you are leaning up against said object in what's called the "power position". Body positions could include elbows resting on the counter or bar, arms across your chest (although not preferred because this body language shows that you are "closed off" to the people you're talking to), or in some way having your arms and hands RELAXED. Good body language is opening your BODY to let people know you are WARM and WELCOMING. That you know who you are, within yourself. That you are comfortable with who you are. Legs are placed comfortably apart, not stiff. Head and neck aren't stiff and staying in one place. You shouldn't be acting or feeling like you have whiplash and therefore can't turn your neck.

2. Smiling should be self-explanatory. You curve your lips . . . up, lol. This shows that you are a warm person, a welcoming person, and that you have emotions. Hopefully also that you aren't afraid to express some emotion.

3. Eye contact is a BIG factor in displaying whether you are comfortable with yourself and confident in yourself or not. If you have no confidence in yourself, it'll be almost impossible for you to maintain good, solid eye contact. Especially if the girl maintains eye contact with you for man than 2 or 3 seconds, literally. A guy that HAS self-confidence has NO problem maintaining eye contact. Why? Because the girl DOESN'T intimidate him. A guy that has low self-confidence is intimidated by the girl and therefore can't maintain eye contact.

4. The shaking issue, unless you shake from a medical condition, should be obvious. If you have confidence in yourself, you're not afraid or intimidated by the other person, so you're not prone to shaking. You shake when you're not sure of yourself, when you're afraid, when you're intimidated.

5. When you're not comfortable with yourself or confident in yourself, you're afraid of others invading your personal space. On the other hand, you are also afraid of getting into their personal space because of . . . "what will they think". When you're comfortable in your own skin, it's not such a big deal when someone gets into your personal space because, again, you're not intimidated.

6. Touch is also a major factor when talking about being comfortable with yourself. If a person isn't comfortable with themselves, they normally go to one of two extremes . . . either can't NOT touch other people (seeking the external validation) or they can't touch other people (because they are afraid and intimidated . . . "what will they think of me?"). When you are comfortable with yourself, in your own skin, touch is not a big issue. In fact, it's a natural thing between people. We're not talking strictly about sexual touching here. This is touching IN GENERAL. Touching a shoulder, a forearm, a back, etc. Small touches such as that tell a lot about how a person feels about their self.

All of these factors contribute to DHVing yourself and DLVing yourself. These also stem from Inner Game because it's coming from your perception of yourself.

Beyond these points, you can slip in TIDBITS (not lectures) of GOOD qualities about yourself. Just a small point about you here and there raises your value. Actions that she sees/witnesses while you're with her, if these actions are good and quality, raise your value. Introducing her to your friends (male AND female) will raise your value. You being PASSIONATE about who you are raises your value.

These are general things, in the beginning, that raise your value. Later into a relationship other factors come into consideration as well.

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Ways to DHV yourself
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