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PostSubject: INDEPENDENT GIRLS   Fri Oct 23, 2009 4:21 am

So how do you treat an independent girl? I think this girl has lost some interest in me but not all together. She knows i am interested in her and if she didnt like as more than a friend i know for a fact i would have gotten "a just friends" speech. I have tried freezing her out and its been 2 weeks and i just saw her at her last soccer game. She was appreciative that i came and thanked me many times but that was about it. She is independent and she definitely acts it. So what do i do or any guy should do for that matter when girls who are independent?
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PostSubject: Re: INDEPENDENT GIRLS   Fri Oct 23, 2009 5:00 am

Be more independent than her. In the time you spend together give her reasons to like you, then make her work to have you around. Also dont push her in a direct sense...if she says she wants something, doesnt want something, is going somewhere, etc...dont argue, you wont win. Instead be crafty...imply changes, get her to think its her idea without coming across as spineless.

The best way to deal with independent people is to use their independence against them. Make them think its their idea, by using implications and suggestive communications.

You need to pike your battles, put your foot down when it really means something, but let it slide when it comes to the small stuff...as a matter of fact the less you care (and shrug off) the small stuff the more she will be to follow your lead.

"Be the same, only better."
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