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 "Eastern And The Seducer"

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PostSubject: "Eastern And The Seducer"   Thu Jul 16, 2009 11:49 pm

My post on the Venusian Arts that I believe is my simple most effective inner Game thread that has ever come out of my head.

"Know they self and you need not fear one hundred battles.

Mind, Body, Spirit, all are within.

To be one with the seductive flow, you must know yourself in every
frame. To literally be one with universe, to be reality itself.

I view my body as a army, I know its strength, its weakness, its limits, its excels.

To be one with self, discipline of mind is required. I need not fear,
fear is the mind killer, I need not worry, nothing is forever, I need
not doubt, my heart is one, I need not seek, I am found.

Realization is simple truth, it surrounds us, it is all around.

Every moment, every second, every day, everything, has a moment, has a
end. Every minute is eternal, every day is eternal, they all pass to
time itself.

I have found the truth to this quest, and that is self.

To love one self is the end of suffering. I need not fear rejection, I
cannot reject myself. I need not fear woman, they are plenty and

A beckon lying within is waiting, quiet the thoughts, quiet the mind, and feel the one.

"When a river meets a unmovable object, it changes its flow, and when
the object no longer has the protection of the river, it cracks from
the elements and is completely destroyed.

My body is the river for my mind and spirit, I am flow, I am pulse.

I need not seek validation, I am validation. I need not seek value, I
am value. I need not seek to be interesting, I am interesting. I need
not seek a new world, I create my world.

I need not seek, I need to be. The way of being, I am already.

-- Truth Bow
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PostSubject: Re: "Eastern And The Seducer"   Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:50 am

Yes, i agree. Smile knowing on'e self is knowing your limitations, knowing your limitations is knowing your weaknesses and knowing your weaknesses are the important part because it where you know what is lacking and what is to be improve. Dance
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"Eastern And The Seducer"
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