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 Fish Philosophy

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PostSubject: Fish Philosophy   Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:51 pm

It's been a long week at work. Matter of fact, I'm supposed to be off today, but here I am babysitting a machine. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit burnt, and was even considering avoiding the whole July 4th shebang. Anyway, this got me thinking back to the days when I worked for Footlocker. A core piece of their employee training was called the Fish Philosophy. The Fish Philosophy gets its name from the Seattle fish markets where it was first observed. Its a rather simple for part mindset that can readily be applied to most situations in your daily life. I'm going to take a moment to break down the philosophy, and apply it to the pick up mindset, as well I can with my limited experiance.

  1. Play - This part should be fairly self evident. Nobody wants to hang out with the guy in the corner by himself. If your having a good time, people are going to automaticly be more open to you. We don't go out to twiddle our thumbs, and stare at the clock. Everyone goes out to have a good time. If your having fun, people around you will have fun. It's contatious, and makes you more interesting.
  2. Be There - This one can be applied in two ways. First, if you have friends/wings with you, don't ditch them the second you start having some success. Remember that you went out with them, and you are they to help them. Regardless if that means making sure they're having a good time as well, or taking your turn to distract an obstacle, your out there together, as a group. Secondly, when you've opened a group, be there with them. You've take a responsibility to add something to their group. Its a two way street, you've opened because your hoping to meet the hb in the group, they've allowed you to open because you've shown them that you can make things more interesting. Finally, remember to pay attention to social cues. If your missing them (I know I do, definate weak point for me), your not really there.
  3. Choose Your Additute - Leave your baggage at home. When you step out of your house, into the wider world you need a positive outlook to be successful. Nobody wants to hear about a bad day at work, or the girl that just dumped on you. Likewise, people will enjoy hearing about the fun, and interesting things you've done lately. A burden shared, is only a burden lessened among close friends, but joy shared is good for all.
  4. Make Their Day - Your social interactions should leave a person better off than when you met them. In a work enviroment this can be as simple as helping share the load, even if it is outside your realm of responsibility. In pickup, its as simple as giving them the privlage of your company. Just remember, for this bit, don't be a try hard.
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PostSubject: Re: Fish Philosophy   Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:18 am

Good post.

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Fish Philosophy
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