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Tripp's Vault Member

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PostSubject: OMG!!!!!!!!!   Thu Jul 02, 2009 8:30 am

Holy sh*t . . . After straying away from the community and this board for probably a good year to year and a half, I cant believe my log in name is still active and I can still access it!!!!! AWESOME!

So here is an update to what I am doing. After all the training to go into the Marine Corps as an officer I decided that it was not the challenge I was looking for. I mean i earned the title of Marine and I thought really? that was it? It was just not hard enough for me, so I declined my commission and joined the television industry. I am working for a company out in California so I made the move from the East Coast to the West Coast, only to be flown to the south to film the new show.

I am currently in Dallas Texas working until September, then I am back in California.

I want to hit the ground running, re-read The Game, Mystery Method, and Now i am on to revelations (this stuff still the latest stuff?) If there is anyone in this area, I would love to get out in the field with you, I will tell you now that I will suck soooooooo bad but if your willing to help me out, I could use anything you guys have!!!
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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Re: OMG!!!!!!!!!   Fri Jul 17, 2009 3:06 am

Cretin, fantastic to see you back bro! Check Fortune. He's somewhere down there in Texas, lol.

And yes, that material is still good.

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