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PostSubject: "Limits"   Sat Jun 27, 2009 2:20 pm

I finally got around to registering, sue me I am human and my back hurts, and I signed a girls ass tonight while working (I picture getting fired in a month) and I haven't even introduced myself yet.

I tend to have a little bit of time to
develop thoughts and affirmations rapidly at work and this dawned on
me. My only hope is that the mods leave it in main discussion for a
little while so it can be discussed.

I was bored out of my mind and had just wrote a list of qualities as
Tripp had suggested I do. A little later down the road I decided to
patrol the beach (Which meant that I was procrastinating).

There was nobody on the beach, I could see the stars shimmering in the
sky. I started to allow my mind to wander, and wander it did.

I realized that Earth is such a small planet, a dwarf to the universe.
Earth is so overlooked just as trees, we simply live on it and cannot
see the deep meaning to it.

How can such a small planet house so much?

It gets you thinking, if such a small planet can house an entire civilization, what can a person do?

We try so hard to discover the meaning of life, and the meaning of are
lives, we don't ever figure out that it possibly might mean that a
answer doesn't exist because its never constant.

We create are meaning, by how we decide to simply move and improve.
Meaning has no answer for it has no body, and without body how can a
answer even exist?

I told Tripp a quote that I felt came from my deep core.

"The reason for my failures and losses, was the result of my own incapacity to place my feet within front of me and move"

Realization is: I control me, everything I do is my decision. Its up to
me to walk over to the girl, to talk to the girl, to get the girl.

And without a set meaning I am free of limitation.

There is not a limitation to me anymore, because I don't know really
anything. And I get at this because when I just look out and see trees,
and the ocean, I understand that I have no way to ever know fully what
its about. I accept that reality, a reality where a limit is non
existent besides common sense (You don't jump in fire, and you cannot
fly) a real limitless reality... were not superheros.

If my meaning in life is to be a pickup artist, I have created that meaning and reinforced it with attempts and errors.

"There is no meaning to my life, until I give it one"
"There is no limit to my life, to learn is endless"

We develop are own realities:

Actually we create the structure of are lives, we have always created,
and we will always continue to create until we are nothing more.

We are, are very own Earth

The bonds of sentient life of this planet, are connected by life itself, and also that we all share the same electrical current.

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Tripp's Vault Member

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PostSubject: Re: "Limits"   Fri Jul 03, 2009 6:33 pm

I like the progressive motion. It is quite the self starter. Once you have become aware that immobility is the function that needed to be adjusted the path's lights seem to become brighter. Once you take that first step in the hopes of never looking back. peace,lvoe and succe SS
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