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 Social Cues

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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Social Cues   Wed May 20, 2009 2:47 am

Why are they important?

What happens when you know them and when you don't know them?

When you don't know social cues, you miss all kinds of social windows. These windows could be for a kiss, a hand touch, or a hug. In fact, if you don't know social cues, you could miss the window that a girl gives you specifically to start talking to her.

When you miss the windows that girls give you, it shows them that you are not socially savvy. This shows them that you are not high value, which tells them that they are better off finding another guy. You have effectively not only not triggered any attraction within them, you have killed any chances of immediate attraction. In other words, you are no longer starting at 0 . . . you are in the negative.

Now, when you know social cues and take the windows that are presented, it puts you in a whole new light, in their mind. They see that you have a clue, which raises your value, which builds attraction in and of itself.

Knowing social cues and taking the windows when they are presented also speeds up the interaction between you and the girl. This is called escalation. If the girl likes you and is giving you windows, she wants you to escalate. That doesn't mean throwing her down on the floor in the middle of everyone, rather taking her through the process of escalation.

Knowing social cues and watching for them, being aware of them, allows you to do this.

For instance, eye contact, a slight smile, the barely noticeable movement of her turning her body to open it up to you ever so slightly. She will watch how you respond to each of these social cues. Her engaging in conversation with you, and then re-initiating conversation with you. These are also social cues and she is using them to tell you she is interested and wants to push things further to see where they go.

When you don't know simple cues like these, you end up complaining and frustrated. Guess what, the girl is just as frustrated. When you do know these cues, and follow through on them, not only are you both not frustrated, but you both end up feeling that the . . . vibe was right, or the vibe was there. Sound familiar?

After the girl is getting into you, you have other cues, such as her moving her hair and exposing her neck. What do most guys do in response to this? Chicken out . . . or ask another guy later why she was doing that. Some guys go to the opposite extreme and slobber on the girls neck. Neither of those are good responses, lol. What the socially savvy guy would do is to start with lightly breathing on her neck, gauging her response, then lightly kissing her neck. Once she is accepting of that, he can kiss a bit more, but just enough to tease and allow her to want more later. Sometimes you can even push the line a bit and nibble on her ear.

What about other cues, such as the girl literally pulling your hands around her waist to force you to hold her? Should be a pretty obvious one there. In fact, just her facing her back to you . . . and stepping closer to you, or even touching you, shows that she is ok with you holding her. This is contrasted with her showing her back to you . . . and moving away.

Now, how about her facing you? Is she allowing her body to be close to you? Don't be afraid to touch her a bit. Don't, don't, don't just start groping her, but touch her, yes. Make eye contact with her. Don't be afraid of the eye contact. How well you make eye contact with her tells her a lot about you, about how confident you are. Don't be afraid to smile either . . . just don't make it a cheesy ear to ear grin that says to her . . . "oh boy, you're actually giving me attention", haha.

A note about the groping . . . don't be the guy that walks buy a girl that he doesn't know and rubs his hand across her rear thinking he's being slick about it. Trust me, you're not being slick. She is fully aware of what you just did. And, you did not leave a favorable impression of you in her mind. In fact, if you try to talk to her after that and hold a real conversation, she's likely to not even give you the time of day. Unless the girl is drunk or loose.

Most likely the girl you offended, yes I said offended, has already told her friends that she's with what you did so they can help her to block you out. Not exactly the goal you were going for, eh?

The same with groping the girls breasts. Unless you specifically have the invitation to do that, it's not something you want to do. Never, ever be the guy that goes around fondling girls. It will do nothing for your social proof, preselection, or value in any manner.

Again, proof that you don't know social cues and have no clue.

So, pay attention to social cues.

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PostSubject: Re: Social Cues   Thu May 28, 2009 7:07 am

This post is very important. The impact of social cues are profound. We a person has the awareness of the science of social body language, manners, and reactions. That person has a distinct advantage on those who are unaware of the very existence.

It is my viewpoint that when dealing with women the awareness and comprehension of proximity in relation to you is so relevant. This awareness answers the following questions that go through our mind, Does she want me to approach her, Did she touch her hair while looking at me, Did she scratch herself, Did she fix her clothing as soon as she spotted me etc.

This is where you can go through your checklist of social cues that help to decrease the amount of approach anxiety you may or may not have. Also your social intelligence will assure that you have attempted to put forth the best impression of yourself to many observers including the object of lust in the macaroni aisle. peace,lvoe and succe SS
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Social Cues
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