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 Simple Real-Life Realizations

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PostSubject: Simple Real-Life Realizations   Mon Apr 13, 2009 6:00 am

I stumbled upon something new. I realized I can sarge with my sketching. I went to U.N.M. the other day to sketch. I sketched Mitchell Hall. and then on my way to the bookstore I asked a girl to take a picture of me as I walked by her. This just occurred to me as I walked towards her. I was thinking quickly in my mind what can I say or do besides my usual openers or saying hi. I needed some kind of engaging activity. I had my digital camera in my hand, so I asked first if she wanted a picture of her. Then I quickly changed the question to: "will you take a picture of me?" She smiled and agreed, took a picture of me, gave me my camera back, I thanked her and I was on my way.

The above is not the new realization I had though. It was part of the process. I needed to go to the bookstore to take a piss. I knew there was a bathroom there. Before I did that I took some pictures of the Spring flowers in a planter.

The bookstore had an author presentation going on with a documentary playing for an audience seated in chairs. There were a few hbs walking around there who worked there. I walked up to the cafe after poking my head in the author's presentation. A professor in his mid-forties was obviously trying to small-talk the cuties behind the counter. There was a macho Mexican guy sbtly amogging the professor. The professor, I could tell, was getting shot down. I knew when it was my turn to get a coffee that I'd have to ignore the cuties and start conversation with the amog. He was showing the girls the song "Eye of The Tiger" on his phone. I asked him what it was and he said it was that bad-ass song, Eye of The Tiger. I said "oh cool, guess what this means?" as I held the emblem on my necklace. I said "it's the symbol of the tiger in Chinese." He seemed thoroughly disinterested.

Thinking back on this situation, I think he may have felt amogged by me. I wasn't interested in conversing with me, I decided to ask the cuties what they thought of my newly sketched drawing of Mitchell Hall. They were all impressed. Even the amog said "that's pretty bad-ass!"

I was not feeling one-hundred percent in state. In fact, since I'e been processing a lot shit my anima (Jungian psychology) has been throwing my way, I felt like a memory of a physical trauma was half-gripping my gut and joints.

Nevertheless, I joked with one of the cuties that she could pay me if I sketched a portrait of her. She laughed and said she would give me a free coffee. then I said "hmmm, well you're working, and this gentleman behind me is a patiently waiting for you to take his order. So, maybe another time." I smiled and excused myself.

I sat down at a table in the cafe to sketch an idea I'd seen earlier on a sidewalk. I noticed three hot babes sit down at a table about three tables from me. I decided that I'd open them with what they thought of the idea I'd just sketched, or if they could recognize it. They seemed nice and curious of what I'd just done. We talked for a moment about what it was, and I told them it was sign-posts in concrete. They said "yeah, that's what it looks like." I really wish I didn't feel so shaky inside because then I could relax and enjoy my conversations better. I know, however, that I have to go through a few sets before I start relaxing more.

So I thanked them for their input and started leaving. Then I noticed one of the greeters who was standing by a bookshelf. She had the most beautiful, voluptuous body in the whole bookstore. I could tell she was just waiting for me to start checking her out, but then I remembered a newsletter from Ross Jefferies I'd recently read to put a woman's hotness out of your mind so you don't get overwhelmed with her beauty. So I looked away and looked over at the book displays. And, in fact, to do the unexpected, I turned right and started looking at the books on the displays.

After looking at the books on display, I approached her and her co-worker and asked them if they thought they could recognize the drawing I'd just sketched of the sign-posts in concrete. I asked them if they could feel the texture of the items in the drawing. When I said "feel" I knew I was on to something.

I started telling them notice how the metal of the signs perfectly just penetrates the concrete. At the at point, I knew I could start using partterns as I present my art to women. Perhaps some of you might feel like using NLP patterns is too manipulative. Well, all you salesmen out there might as well give up your job, 'cause, whether you realize it or not, you're NLPing people. I think it's very helpful to be aware of the primary language you use to communicate, and, in particular, the language patternings you are using with women. For a PUA, that's just common sense. Wink

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Simple Real-Life Realizations
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