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 found my weakness

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PostSubject: found my weakness   Sat Apr 04, 2009 2:41 pm

I went to south dakota for my spring break to visit some relatives and in the mean time my aunt invited her hb 8 babysitter over because she is awesome and was trying to hook me up lol.... ne ways. Once i was introduced i had her eating out of my hand... and KC with in 30 minutes or so, and i know i did something right because i could not keep her off of me for the rest of the night, and the next morning she had blown up my myspace with three comments three messages, and comments on all of my pictures.

Then, this sort of thing happened again later in the week because a friend of mine from there introduced me to this girl he said was impossible to get with, i laughed and told him it would take me an hour tops and i would have this girls just as i did the last. Then what do you know just what i said happened, happened...

However for the weakness.... i have notice in south dakota and at home when i have to open, or start from scratch i dont do as well. i either get cold feet, or number close and nothing happens, or something else.

What am i missing?
Any thoughts?

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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Re: found my weakness   Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:44 pm

You're talking about warm approach versus cold approach.

You're comfortable with warm approach but not comfortable with cold approach. It's not unusual. But you do have to understand you have to break out of that comfort zone and get used to cold approach as well. That's how you will build a social circle and really increase your game.

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You have one shot, and it's in the first 3 seconds.
Make her qualify herself to YOU.

Don't back down from the girl. CHALLENGE her!
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found my weakness
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