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 LMR is a good thing!

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PostSubject: LMR is a good thing!   Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:21 am

Every so often, I read a post that alludes to LMR, or the long drawn out version that is known as last minute resistance. It hardly ever fails, that the guy in question wants to know, just how in the hell can he overcome this situation. I can concur that a response like this to lmr is all too common, but what I would want the guy to understand is this, LMR would've never occurred had he not attempted to go for what he desired.

LMR to me is a stepping stone, a badge of honor. It should be worn proudly, and not overanalyzed as often as it is in this world of venusian arts. When LMR is present, it declares to things. One, that you are pushing the action toward some physical outcome. Second, that you are in the moment and outside of your own head. In conjunction with attempting to get physical, you can learn about your progress in this field of inquiry.

Some of the reasonings behind last minute resistance can be pinpointed in the interactions with the girl of interest, the logistics, her comfort levels, your comfort levels, and lastly are you going to judge her in a negative light if she gives you all of herself. These are some of the issues that are resident in the actions of LMR. I won't go into many of the details on how to counter all of these in this post, but I will give a universal action that you can implement now, that should radically reduce LMR. I implore you to realize, that you control LMR.

Yes, you have the control over LMR. If you are cogruent internally, with that baseline confidence that I've often discussed. The LMR will not occur because you have the leadership skills that inspire confidence in the girl of interest. That's one of the most important tools you have, the ability to inspire. Credit- Scott McKay. By inspiring confidence, by proxy you inspire trust. How do you build up enough trust? Is the question that should be asked, not how do I counter LMR.
peace,lvoe and succe SS
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LMR is a good thing!
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