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 The Kiss

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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: The Kiss   Fri Mar 27, 2009 2:37 am

The woman can tell SO much by your kiss. Do you KNOW how much she does with your kiss? Let's take a look . . .

If a woman is interested in a guy, one thing she wonders is how long it will take the guy to kiss her. If he tries too soon, he's desperate and needy. If he waits too long, she wonders why he's waiting so long. Or is there something wrong with her? He has to watch for that window. What is that window? It's when she starts checking out his mouth. He has to be aware of what's going on. He has to be socially aware and calibrated. Why does he have to be socially aware? Because she wants to know he has a clue.

Now, that's the timing of the kiss. The other very important factor is the actual kiss itself.

Are you sloppy with the kiss? Do you drool? Shove your tongue down her throat? Try to take her tonsils out with your tongue? Do you immediately try to stick a piece of whatever is in your mouth into hers? All of these things will make for a bad kiss.

Do you smash your mouth against hers for the first kiss? Do your lips cover more than just her mouth? Or do you try to peck when her mouth is open? All of these things will also leave a bad impression with her too.

You CAN start with a light kiss. That would be a tease. However, if she's trying to get more, you should not continue going light. Give her a bit more of a taste before you pull away.

You SHOULD use your hand or hands to add to the experience of the kiss. For example, either putting one hand behind her neck, cupping the bottom of her skull, or putting one hand on each side of her face, cupping the sides of her face.

With more passionate kisses, running your fingers through her hair, or with some girls, even pulling on her hair would not only be acceptable, but greatly appreciated by the girl.

Now, what are some of the thoughts that the girl would be thinking as she is kissing you? She's wondering, first of all, if you ARE a good kisser or not. Why does that matter? Well, if you can't kiss worth shit, then most likely she figures you won't have much of a clue while having sex, so she's not so turned on about that aspect anymore. If you CAN kiss well, she will REALLY wonder what kind of lover you are, and she will be extremely curious about that. Yes, curious enough to want to find out for herself.

If you can calibrate on the spot WHILE IN THE PROCESS OF KISSING and give her the kind of kiss she's looking for, and change that kiss up while in the middle of it as she wants something different, you will raise her buying temp very high in those few seconds or minutes that you are kissing. What do I mean by changing the kiss up? For instance, if you start out soft, then, as she wants more passion, you give her more passion, that's changing it up. You can start soft, get a bit harder, pull back, not use your hand, then use your hand, etc. Those are aspects of changing it up while in the process of kissing.

Before you ask for some procedure or routine of a great kisser . . . DON'T even go there. Every girl is different. Although, yes, there are some things in common, overall every girl is different and wants different types of kisses at different times. This is why YOU need to have a CLUE about what you are doing.

Even things such as brushing your lips over hers is sexy. You can give her a hot, passionate kiss, pull back, look into her eyes, then brush your lips across hers. This is sexy, will increase her desire, etc. This is not a routine. You can't just use this formula every time you want a certain end result. Kisses don't work this way. It depends on her mood, the amount of heat you two have generated already, what you two are wanting at the end of the kissing, etc.

Some other things she will be thinking are . . . if you are a good kisser, obviously she will wonder what kind of lover you are. Also, she may even think about what kind of boyfriend you might be, if the kiss takes her breath away.

She can tell how comfortable you are with yourself. If you're comfortable with yourself, you won't be so afraid to kiss, or to give her a good kiss. If you aren't comfortable with yourself, you're also going to be afraid to really kiss her too. Why? Because you are already self-conscious. The kiss will be daunting to you, and she will pick up on that fast.

How comfortable you are with your sexuality. If you know what kind of a lover you are, how good of a lover you are, you will want that to come across in the kiss. You will want the girl to know what you CAN do to her, and for her, if you so choose. This is enticing for the girl. You instinctively know this, and it comes across when you are comfortable with your sexuality and sexual ability. If you're unsure about how good of a lover you are or just plain think you are not a good lover, you will not give such a confident kiss, and she will obviously pick up on this as well.

How do you think about yourself in this area?

In short, the better kisser you are, the more likely you are to propel, read escalate, your interaction with this girl, and at a faster pace as well, than if you are not a good kisser at all. Do you get blown out or off after your kisses? Yeah, you may want to re-evaluate how you kiss.

So, fellows, don't screw that kiss up.

Here's a free audio to go along with this article. This audio is a sample of the type of audios you will receive when you sign up for my monthly membership program.

http://tripp-author.weebly.com for my new book!




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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss   Sat Mar 28, 2009 4:04 am

The kiss, as LA mentioned can either increase the attraction levels, or lower them in some instances.
What I find important about the kiss, is the build up that leads to one, or the intensity levels of an interaction that don't end in a kiss. Light kisses that become more instense, from my standpoint are the best route to take when kissing a new person. peace,lvoe and succe SS
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss   Sat Mar 28, 2009 9:36 am

This is so true guys. Take note Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss   Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:35 am

Fella's this should be a must read on here. I could never date a man who didn't know how to kiss. Do you take your time with a kiss? I think that is a question that should be addressed as well. I can't stand it when a man tries to just ram is tongue in my mouth, is sloppy with it and I end up with more of his saliva in my mouth then my own. And guys please we don't realy like the taste of the beer you were just drinking.
Keep mints on hand.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kiss   

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The Kiss
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