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 Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP

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The Doctor
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PostSubject: Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP   Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:26 pm

I'm so tired of people who know very little
about NLP making sweeping statements and judgements about it, as if NLP
is some sort of trick, or the other school who assume its some useless
gimmick. NLP is a compilation of 3 models for therapy... and really for
our purposes can be broken into 2 main parts... Which are basically
cognitive concepts and hypnotic concepts... Here I'm going to focus
more on the cognitive and less on the hypnotics and give you 3 couple
quick types that can ramp up the effectiveness of your communication

NLP Rule #1: In order for the mind to understand a visual concept
it must first visualize the concept. I think its obvious why this can
help us, by painting a word picture in your conversations you can in
effect control your targets mental movie screen.

NLP Rule #2: If we are told something and dont consciously refute
it, then our subconscious accepts it as fact. I like to 'throw and go'
using this concept... much like MM suggests you stack negs... For
example you throw out a reverse SOI... and then go. EG: your on
whatever thread and she ioi's you in a way you particularly liked...
say something like "It's so adorable when you try to impress me" and
without pausing you resume the thread... without giving her a chance to
refute the fact that she's trying to impress you... you've just started
conditioning her to believe that she is in fact wanting to impress
you... regardless of if she origionally was trying to or not.

NLP Rule #3: The mind does not recognize 'no' or its similiar
derivatives. Pretty simple here and a great way to make things your
saying less invasive and if you have the right vibe... it can make
things plain out flirty fun.

So just using these quick tips you can up your effectiveness in
conversations. Have fun.... and whatever you do... DO NOT think about
flying pink elephants.
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Tripp's Vault Member
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PostSubject: Re: Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP   Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:30 pm

Damn flying elephants!

Welcome to the forum Doc. I'm glad we have another NLP expert

Few questions for you

NLP is something I've just started to take a real interest in. Who would you recommend I look up to learn more about it?

I've started reading an E-book from Davidshade about hypnosis, is it really possible to make a woman orgasm on cue using just an audio anchor?
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L.A. Tripp

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PostSubject: Re: Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP   Mon Mar 02, 2009 5:10 am

I especially like your second rule Doc. Have used it many times myself, lol.

http://tripp-author.weebly.com for my new book!




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PostSubject: Re: Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP   

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Improve your game in 3 quick steps with NLP
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