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 The PUA Journey (through my eyes and what ive learned)

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PostSubject: The PUA Journey (through my eyes and what ive learned)   Tue Nov 18, 2008 11:22 am

Hello All this is Skittlepimp,

Im writing this post to share with you some of my thoughts about the venusian arts,what it means to me, what ive learned and what i know.

first off, I must say I would not be where I am today if it were not for the venusian arts. For me my journey started about 2 years ago when I was devastated by the breakup from my 2yr ltr. I was 25, overwieght by 40 lbs, didnt know how to drive, much less own a car. I was very depressed to put it mildly. I discovered the MM, and Badboy downloaded them. The semester was almost at an end, so I waited till i went back home to my parents for the summer, so i could watch it.

The first thing that really got me, i mean what really hit close to my heart was when Mystery said "Have you ever thought about being a go giver? What do you have to offer? " This is when i took a long hard look at myself and started to work out my flaws. That summer i created a diet for myself, managed to lose 40lbs, and learn to drive. This last summer I worked and saved up and bought a car. Now i go whereever the hell i want.

in the last year in a half i have talked to more women than i ever have in the last 25years of my life. online last semester i have hit on around 160 women just through yahoo personals alone. now mind you not all responded, some flaked, some rejected and some were straight up bitches. Ive met some, and dated some. I even had a short lived fling with my bosses daughter this summer Twisted Evil . Ive made alot of mistakes and i know i still have a lot to learn. I have let my emotions fuck me up and get the best of me. but i keep on truckin'

for me its been an emotional roller coaster, i get attached easily, its something im working on. Sometimes im depressed, especially when i lose a target. but looking back on it all i must say I HAVE LIVED MORE LIFE IN THESE LAST TWO YEARS THAN I EVER HAVE IN MY LIFE. I know when i fuck up that its not the end of the world, how do i know this cause from all my fuck ups i learn and sometimes i see instances where scenarios repeat and i dont make the same mistake i did. I try something new.

To me the venusians arts are all about being your bestself. The venusian arts are a way of life. The venusian arts have taught me that life is not for the lazy, that the only things worth having in life you have to work for. That life is about living and being happy and doing what ever it takes to get you there. Being a go giver as Mystery said. as far as what i know, well, i have a post about universal truths that i created, these are what i consider to be absolutes, there arent many but as i discover more i shall post them.


In closing want all to know that i post in order to help out my fellow puas so if anything at the very least you can learn from my successes and mistakes.
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The PUA Journey (through my eyes and what ive learned)
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